• www.josephmiracle.comIt laid the foundation of understanding God,His ways,His law, and truth upon which the new testament was built.
    • It prepared by  prophecy the way of coming of Christ and new Testament
    • After Christ’s Crucification the early church could not have progressed very far without the Old Testament as a reference.It sustained the early church until the new testament was written.
    • Many of the principles of the new testament are enfolded or wrapped in the Old testament.The roots of grace and other New  Testament principles are buried in OT.

  • Old Testament on the other hand is enfolded or unwrapped in the New Testament,that is the ultimate fulfillment of principles and laws of OT are seen in New Testament.

NB:Each Testament leads strength and understanding to each other,thus we see truth such as faith,salvation and grace that are so closely put forth in New Testament are often hidden in the OT.

Both Old testament and New Testament are equally important .Shalom

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